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Hi Mid/Fernando/Daniel,

Just want to say which ever shipping agent/shipping line you used for this shipment, is a very good one.

I noticed it is a multi-module service. The efficiency of this shipment from India is on another level I must say.


B/L# is 11 June 2021, and it is arriving today, that’s 26 days lead time from port to port.

I rarely see such short lead-time from India during the good times,  needless to say this was during peak of a lockdown and shipping chaos.


Although price is high – not complaining, understand the situation, I think the service provided for this shipment definitely justified the price.


Thanks a lot for this, it is one of the hardest one to manage this year.

I did not think it will arrive so fast, this is the only shipment we had without any shipping delay from India in 2020&2021!

Nige Nan – 4Farmers

“K” Line has had the mutual benefit of a continuous and successful business association with Intergroup Shipping over many years.  During this time we have found Intergroup Shipping to be a consistently reputable and loyal company to deal with.

“K” Line Australia P/L.

Tiles Expo have dealt with Intergroup for more than twenty years, their knowledge and expertise in the freight forwarding industry is second to none. Intergroup are an extremely well run outfit rectifying issues before they become problems, truly proactive, easy and accessible to deal with. I have found Intergroup to be completely up front in their dealings with Tiles Expo at all times, a rarity in the freight forwarding business. Intergroup are headed up by Mid De Sousa, a man who I have found to be completely transparent and honest throughout all the years of our very fruitful business relationship with his company. Mid and Intergroup display true integrity always, I would personally recommend Intergroup for all your freight forwarding needs, you will not be disappointed.

Steve Watson – Tiles Expo

Since the early 1970s, Intergroup Shipping has been helping our companies find the fastest and most cost-efficient routes for the leading materials, components and products we’ve sourced internationally. The company’s long-term commitment to service excellence has included the provision of accurate and extremely valuable advice on the very latest duty and tariff obligations, so there are never unexpected delays for ABC Blinds or our customers Australia-wide.

Intergroup Shipping is a world-class negotiator, a trusted partner and a consistent contributor to our growing success.

Ernie Brice – ABC Blinds

After several bad experiences, and a lack of customer care from previous freight forwarders. I had found that over time they had me doing all their paperwork! I know nothing about importing goods, customs, fair trade agreements etc etc…. Why would I, it’s not what I do for a living ??!! It was time to change, and I needed to find a solution, quickly. At that time, I was introduced to Intergroup shipping via a colleague. I decided to trial Intergroup, on a single European based supplier of mine. This trial proved successful. So I agreed to meet with one of Intergroup’s friendly staff, and I trialed Intergroup again with another supplier in Japan, and the result was another success. Intergroup are now our sole freight handler, and I have no plans for this to change. This is thanks to all team there at Intergroup. You all made it happen.

Gary Owen